Proving Bullshit
Harry & Louis || They fell in love, didn’t they?

LouiSsSsS that coat

is too damn big for you

*whispers* but it would fit someone else like a glove

So I was watching You And I video


when this happened.

and my reaction has mostly been..

larry is waking up the hardcore fangirl inside of me

4,150 plays


"ah I think we kinda share that really. sometimes you take the front"

"sometimes I take the front. if he’s a bit tired I’ll go"


"I push him around."

"yeah yeah. you know you know we’re both, we’re both quite generous to each other."


I think we haven’t talked about this in a while so, I just thought, you know, time to bring this back..

Just remember how fidgeting he was during that day…

And how glassy his eyes were, he couldn’t handle it anymore

And then Louis just goes and play with the buttplug he was wearing because we can all agree he was wearing a buttplug look how he even shivers when he breath, fucking hell, that day is a golden mine






hella flexible

my hands, your hands